Monday, September 13, 2010


Telescoping Home Antenna Mast

 - Want to build your own antenna mast that telescopes without guy wires?

 - Use these plans for free to build your own.  

    There are several ways to put up an antenna at your home and while I wanted to go as high as legally possible, I didn't want to have it up there permanently with guy-wires extending all over my roof. The design shown here is for a GMRS radio application in support of CERT activities during a disaster.

    The procedure outlined is a bit more complicated than merely putting up a mast with guy-wires but the pay off has been great considering I wanted an antenna mast that satisfied the following 4 requirements:
     - Rapid Deployment: Once installed, I want to raise it quickly and easily (in less than 60 seconds) using a hand crank. (Easily means a child could raise it.)
     - Does Not Stand Out: I wanted this mast when up or down to not be an eyesore. Keeping a low profile with no guy-wires is a must. Why upset the neighbors?
     - Inexpensive To Build: You can spend a lot of money on telescoping antenna mast systems, up into the thousands of dollars; I wanted to build it for around $150 or less. It can be done!
     - Maximum Height: Can extend to the maximum allowable height allowed by law for GMRS which is 20' above your home.
      If you have the 4 requirements above and enjoy do-it-yourself projects, then this web site will give you a lot of ideas on how to build your own Telescoping Home Antenna Mast!  The information provided here is free to use and hopefully will help you out with some ideas.

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